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Senior recruiters poised to go solo

A growing number of experienced recruitment professionals, right up to senior management levels, are now making plans to leave their employers and strike out on their own, an advisor says.

The pandemic has shifted personal goals and priorities, and Brand Me Better founder David Wolstenholme tells Shortlist he's been receiving a lot of enquiries from recruiters who are weighing up their options and considering how to market themselves when starting their own business.

"It can be anything from senior managers in very big businesses who actually don't recruit anymore but want to get back into it... to people with two-to-five years' experience."

The professionals most interested in making the leap are those with five-to-15 years' experience, ranging in age from their early 30s to 40s, who have deep knowledge of their sector and market, Wolstenholme says.

Recruiters have realised that working from home is viable and are enjoying more time with their children, and/or that their managers "haven't been there for them"...

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JobKeeper extension amendments pass

Amendments which extend flexibilities offered under the JobKeeper scheme have passed through Parliament.

Among key changes applying from 28 September, organisations that remain eligible under the 30% turnover decline rule can maintain their current arrangements, aside from the ability to request leave balance reductions.

Employers also now have the added obligation of ensuring directions to reduce employees' hours operate fairly. (This follows several relevant Fair Work Commission rulings, which found employers had unfairly stood down or reduced the hours of one employee while keeping others on full-time hours.)

Previously eligible employers whose quarterly turnover decline is less than 30% but more than 10% – termed "legacy employers" – can also maintain some of their flexibilities, with restrictions.

For example, they can reduce employees' hours, but not below 60% of their previous weekly hours, and not below two hours on any day. They can also direct employees to perform other duties (in their skillset) and make agreements for employees to work on other days or at other times.

Penalties will apply to employers that attempt to use the flexibility provisions despite not being eligible – $13,200 for individuals and $66,600 for organisations.


'Scam' recruiters targeting employers on LinkedIn

An IT security expert has sounded a warning about scammers using LinkedIn profiles to target organisations with malware-laden CVs.

Pure Security is seeing a rise in individuals posing as recruiters on LinkedIn who are using malware in documents and fake candidate profiles designed to infiltrate organisations.

Management, HR and IT staff are among the typical targets, says head of assurance Arni Hardarson.

Scammers use LinkedIn to create a fake recruiter profile to initiate contact with organisations with an offer of a candidate's CV, before following up with emails directly to the company.

The email attachments contain malicious software code that can initiate ransomware attacks or otherwise gain some form of access to the target organisation's computer network, he says.

The scam typically involves someone pretending to be a recruiter, but there are also cases of scammers pretending to be candidates, Hardarson adds.

Organisations will often indicate whether they are open to accepting approaches from recruiters, and scammers use this signal to select their targets, he says.

Although it can be difficult to identify scam profiles on LinkedIn, Hardarson says some red flags include a lack of connections to one's own network, and unusual employment and education histories.

He recommends organisations inform staff about the presence of these scams, alerting them to verify the identity of recruiters who approach them, and to keep information in LinkedIn job ads to a minimum where possible.

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Ambition reports single-digit revenue fall as local loss shrinks

Ambition (ASX:AMB) has reported a small year-on-year fall in revenue from its Australian operations in the six months to June, with its contracting business "providing some shield from the drastic decline in business confidence" since COVID-19, the company says in its latest results.

The company, which this month expects to finalise its de-listing from the ASX, reported a 2% revenue decline in Australia, as its local losses reduced by half.

Across the group, however, the figures were more dire, and net fee income as a percentage of revenue fell to 33.1% (2019: 40.6%), "reflecting the changed mix of placement and contracting revenue".

Ambition's group losses for the six-month period were impacted by an impairment charge of $5.9 million, relating to right-of-use assets associated with its office leases, plus smaller amounts related to software and leasehold improvement costs, the company says.

In response to COVID-19, Ambition undertook "significant cost containment measures", including moving all staff to a four-day working week and reducing key outgoings.

It also received more than $1 million in JobKeeper payments and other government grants during the period, and generated more than $5.7m operating cash flow, with net cash of $6.8m for the six months to June (2019: $1.8m).


Listed recruitment tech results: CV1, XF1, LVH, AD1, NVO

ASX-listed recruitment tech companies CVCheck (CV1), Xref (XF1), LiveHire (LVH), AD1 Holdings (AD1, formerly ApplyDirect) and Nvoi (NVO) have reported their FY20 results, summarised below.


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