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Candidate flight risks a major "blind spot" for recruiters

Candidate experience has largely been improving over recent months, but recruiters' discovery and due diligence shortcuts mean flight risks are emerging as a key issue, new research shows.

Recruiter Insider analysed feedback from more than 6,000 candidates between January and March, and while the overall results look good, "the devil's in the detail", according to CEO Justin Hillier.

"The year started off perfectly, with feedback showing that hiring managers had drastically improved their wares and were on the front foot with candidates," he tells Shortlist.

In January, candidate experience scores of 90–100 (considered to be 'exceptional' experience) led to conversion rates of 53%. But this dropped to 45% in February, while conversion rates for scores in the 70–79 and 80–89 bands were 46% and 52% respectively.

Meanwhile the proportion of candidates reporting that hiring managers were "genuinely interested" in their answers and experience saw a "significant drop", Hillier says...

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