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Webcast: Where are your talent management blind spots?

COVID-19 has heightened the need for employers to manage their workforce more strategically, but two common 'blind spots' are resulting in under-investment in some roles and over-investment in others. This webcast outlines the consequences of these blind spots and how to overcome them. read more


Webcast: Flexible work strategies for a COVID world and beyond

Employees' expectations around flexible work have now changed forever, and employers will need to step up or risk losing out on the best talent. This webcast outlines how COVID has changed flexible work; "blended working" as a new concept; issues to watch out for with WFH employees: and more. read more


Webcast: Employer branding in a crisis

Whether hiring is now going gangbusters, completely frozen, or somewhere in between, strong employer branding remains crucial and must be handled with sensitivity. This webcast outlines critical branding and messaging considerations during a downturn. read more


Webcast: Managing employees through deteriorating business conditions

When a business has to temporarily scale down or cease operating, employers have a number of options to explore before resorting to stand-downs or redundancies. This webcast explains how to stay compliant with the Fair Work Act while changing work arrangements, and provides a detailed overview of the new JobKeeper wage subsidy arrangements. read more

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